It's Never Been Said Better

I am the political animal in the family. It is rare that my wife gets stirred up enough about an issue to drive her to action, but the Miers nomination actually got her going---and boy should she get going more often. In all the thousands of words spoken and written about the Miers nomination, it's never been said better than she did:

I don't think the "Sunday School Teachers" should be punished for wanting their president to follow through on his promises with an open book nominee. We have been burned before. We have been promised a judge that would think like us. So many worked for that specific reason. So to say wait and see is basically the same song, second Bush. I feel we had a right to disagree. And I don't think we "Borked" her.

Babe you rock. If the President knew what was good for him, he'd call on you for advice!


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