A Memo to the Republican Senators in Congress

Since you guys don't seem to have realized it, please take a brief moment and let this sink in:

You have been the majority party in the Senate since the 2002 mid-term elections. Your majority in the Senate increased in the 2004 elections. Could you please, pretty please, with cream and sugar and a cherry on top, start acting like it?

Allowing the Democrats to delay the hearings for the outstandingly qualified Judge Alito to January is a pathetic, craven surrender to the minority. We could predict today with 95% accuracy how the votes will turn out. Why allow the other side 60 additional days to dig up something that could be twisted for use in their attempt to derail the confirmation? Why not quit giving up before the fight even starts? Why not stand up and run things? You can rest assured that if there were 55 Democrats, they would not be shy about using their majority to cram their liberal agenda through the Senate and down our throats.



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