Tide "Rolls" to Cotton Bowl Win

Calling it rolling is a bit of a stretch, but a win is a win, and I'll take it. For the 30th time (an NCAA record) Alabama won a bowl game today. They completely outplayed the much-hyped Texas Tech offense, and were just a couple of bad Brodie Croyle passes away from a pretty comfortable win. Continuing the propensity for trying to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, the offense/special teams set Tech up with with an easy score, which they took advantage of for their only TD of the game.

Brodie closed out his career leading the team in a crisp two minute drill, setting up what has to have been the single ugliest successful field goal in the history of organized football, dating all the way back to the Rutgers-Princeton game in 1869. When Christenson kicked the ball, I didn't think it was going to reach the goal line, let alone trickle over (and just...and I do mean just) inside the upright. But there are no style points, and it gave us the win.

To complete the day, both Auburn and the most overrated team in America (Notre Dame if you didn't know) lost their bowl games. I've often said a perfect day is when both of those teams plus Tennessee lose....but remind me again which bowl the Vols went to???? Oh yeah, no bowl for you 5-6 whiners!

Happy New Year, and Roll Tide!


At 10:04 AM, Blogger Jeff said...

Good for the Tide. My Iowa Hawkeyes got robbed. We wuz robbed, I tell you!


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