Sarahcuda Goes Rogue

If you don't follow politics closely, you're probably not aware of (or perhaps even interested in) the special election that will be held on November 3 to fill the NY-23 US House seat. The seat opened when President Obama nominated the Republican incumbent to be Secretary of the Army. To try to hold the seat, the local GOP nominated a far-left RINO (Republican in Name Only) who is pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, and pro-Obama's "stimulus" package. She is running against not only a standard issue New York Democrat, but a 3rd party challenge as well.

Today Governor Sarah Palin announced her endorsement of the 3rd party conservative candidate Doug Hoffman in the race over the "Republican" candidate. This is going to be very, very interesting. It's a brilliant move on Palin's part. Any 3rd party candidate is always going to be a long shot. But it's a special election, there's not much else on the ballot, and so passion on the part of supporters goes a long way toward winning. And if there's anything Palin proved in last year's election, it's that she generates passion.

She's backing a candidate almost no one expects to win, so if he doesn't, she won't take a fall. But if Hoffman wins...the shattering of crockery against the walls of the GOP establishment in Washington is going to be something to behold. She is taking direct aim at the party "leaders" who did so much to undermine her. I'm getting the popcorn ready. This is going to be one to watch.


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Make mine with extra butter!


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