Not Ready for Prime Time

It's been a(nother) bad week for the President. In addition to floating the idea that soldiers injured in combat should have to use their own insurance to pay for care for their wounds (somehow despite all of John McCain's flaws I don't think he would disrespect our wounded warriors like that), he compared AIG to a suicide bomber that he wanted to "talk" into taking his finger off the trigger (and boy is that Freudian) and word that the thoughtless 25 DVD box set he gave British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is made up of DVDs that won't play on DVDs made in England. Brilliant. Now he's taken a slap at the Special Olympics and/or the disabled while trying to make a joke about his bowling skills.

Wow. It's this kind of self-inflicted injury that a person would expect from a callow, inexperienced man who's never held a serious full time job in his life. Oh wait...


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