I Remember When...

Way back last year during the campaign, it was considered poor form if not outright racist to mention then Senator Obama's racial background, middle name, Muslim roots and non-American upbringing. That was then...this is now.

In a deliberate step, Obama gave his first media interview to an Arab-language Middle Eastern satellite network in which he highlighted all of those things we weren't supposed to mention back then. It's truly sad that America is now led by a man who doesn't seem to grasp the differences between our enemies and our friends. My fear is that he won't realize those differences until it is too late.

All the pretty talk in the world won't make Russia, or China or the Muslim world like us. No number of interviews will change the reality. We live in a cold and unforgiving world governed by O'Toole (who in his commentary on Murphy's Law famously said "Murphy was an optimist!") not by unicorns of hope and change. Many of the protections put in place during the Bush Administration to prevent another attack on our nation have already been weakened or scrapped. When the bill comes due, hopefully enough of us will left alive to remember and regret the ascension of our least-qualified President in memory to an office I still don't believe he understands.

Remember this: If Barack Obama completes a single term as President, it will be the longest he's ever held a full-time job in his life.


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