Random Ramblings

Mr. Obama has been President for 50 days and it feels like forever.

Spring football practice starts this week. Roll Tide.

The first two rounds of the NCAA tournament is the craziest four days in all of sports. Even for those of us who are intelligent enough to prefer football can get into four days of roundball.

Oklahoma is the "reddest" state in America--every county voted for McCain over Obama.

When your youngest child is no longer a teenager, you feel old, whether you are or not.

Best line I've heard about the new administration so far: "I expected the Obama Presidency to be a train wreck; I just thought they'd leave the station first."

The Democrats used the economic downturn in 1982 to gain 35 seats in the House. The GOP used the health care debacle and Clinton's tax hikes to take over the House in 1994. The Dems used the war in Iraq and the economy (and boy does it sound funny looking back to hear what they were saying about the economy then) to take it back in 2006. Twelve year cycles would mean we're still 10 years away from returning sanity to Washington. Hope it doesn't take that long.

Ben Franklin supposedly told a woman who asked him what kind of government the Founding Fathers had established at the Constitutional Convention "a republic--if you can keep it." I'm afraid we're seeing that question answered before our eyes.

Puppies are fun (but not at three in the morning).

The book is better than the movie.


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