Laying the Foundation for Filibuster

I've been on the fence about whether the Democrats would actually try to filibuster Judge Alito's confirmation to the Supreme Court. But watching Kennedy's performance today seems to indicate he's at least trying to lay a foundation for a potential filibuster. There is no logical or rational reason to fuss and holler about old papers (3 years newer than Chapaquiddick just for a point of reference) except to set up a straw man of concealment to be used to justify filibustering.

The plain truth is that all of the Dems attacks on Alito have failed to produce any smoking guns, or even warm knives. They've got nothing. He has demonstrated a depth of knowledge and a calm, reasoned approach that leave no openings for attack. They could vote no, but there's nothing to support a filibuster. After tomorrow last attempt, I think now we are going to see at least an attempt. I remain skeptical that it will get past the talking stage (too many red state Dems up for reelection, and believe me, they remember what happened to Tom Daschle), and still expect a vote next week. I doubt Alito will get 60 votes, let alone the 78 Roberts got, but I still expect him to be comfortably confirmed.

In a special gift to the Republican party that is bound to end up somewhere in commercials for the 2006 elections, Joe Biden has been given twice as much time as the other Democrats in tomorrow's additional session. (Bet he still asks fewer questions though!)


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