Who's Out of the Mainstream?

The disingenuous Credit Check Chuck Schumer has been blathering a lot about his "grave concerns" that Judge Alito may not be "in the mainstream." Well, there's mainstream, and then there's mainstream. One of the most reliably far-left groups in America is the Americans for Democratic Action. Here's what they think of the eight Democrats who make up their side of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Feinstein (CA) - 100
Biden (DE) - 95
Durbin (IL) - 95
Kennedy (Liquor) - 100
Schumer (NY) - 100
Leahy (VT) - 100
Kohl (WI) - 100
Feingold (WI) - 100

ADA Percentage Rating 98.75%

So I guess if you and your buddies consider the ADA to be the mainstream, Alito might be troubling. But to normal Americans, he looks pretty, well, mainstream.


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