I Blame George W Bush

George Bush has been President now for five years. What a wasted opportunity! If he had any shred of decency and compassion for the American people...if he had any concern for those "dealt a losing hand by life" (as the elegantly coifed Brian Williams described them)...if he wasn't so focused on prosecuting his immoral war for oil, he would have acted.

That's right. If he cared, by now he would have forced Congress to pass legislation outlawing hurricanes. After all, they're bad for America. His job is to protect every single one of us citizens from anything worse than stubbed toes. I hold him personally responsible for every casualty, every lost home and business, and every dollar spent on hurricane damage. Why didn't he just get a law passed? Think of the suffering that would have been avoided...if only he cared. It's all his fault.


At 4:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's never been our fault since Adam blamed Eve and Eve blamed the serpent and the serpent would probably have blamed somebody else also if God had given him a chance!

It's our parents' fault for all our hangups in life and our president's fault for all our country's problems no matter from where they originate.

Good grief! I try so hard to teach my children that they cannot control how others treat them--fairly or grossly unfairly--but they can and are responsable for their own correct responses. It's a lonely message in this crazy world!

Love ya,



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