Verizon Won't Hear Me Now

There are no printable words to describe the depths of contempt I have for Verizon right now. We've had phone service with them for almost five years now, and have been loyal customers who paid our bills. So when the time came to get phones for the kids, especially Rhonda getting ready to go off to college, we went to them first.

We specifically asked the "customer service" (sic) person if there was coverage available where Rhonda was going. She looked it up and said yes there was. Well when we got there...you guessed it. If you go up on the hill and stand on your left leg and there are three geese on the pond, you might get a signal. We called and complained. After getting several different run arounds, today we were finally told it was "a known problem area."

But despite the deceptive (to be polite) tactics that were used to get us to sign the contract, they are refusing to let us out of it! With increasing frustration, we have moved through several different levels of their management, only to be met with increasing levels of rudeness. After repeatedly insulting my wife tonight their third-level manager hung up on her!

If you have not yet fallen into Verizon's clutches, let me highly recommend any other wireless service to you. You'll be very glad you didn't sign up with Verizon...trust me on this one.


At 11:50 PM, Blogger Terry Lange said...

I had ATT Wireless for years in Florida. When I got here to Minneapolis the calls kept dropping and quality was bad. So in 2002 I went with T-Mobile and haven't had any issues. I even own stock in T Mobile now...

At 4:38 AM, Blogger Reed said...

I would say that you should contact the states atty gen'l and the division of consumer affairs for your state and the state where Verizon's home offices were. Also the BBB and the Chamber of Commerce. I believe they are also regulated by the FCC, so I would contact them and your DC Representative and Senators local offices for help. Verizon has been in many class action lawsuits over the same issue and we know many who have had basically the same experience you've had, yet after doing all these things, were allowed out of their contract for little or nothing. Deceptive business practices are a way of life with Verizon.

At 9:20 AM, Anonymous Rebecca Aguilar said...

Hey, Bob,

Did you know Aunt Joan works for Verizon? I had lunch with her last time I was home and she herself said that they do not treat their customers well at all! She basically hates her job but is getting close to retirement and trying to hang in there.

We do not have a cell phone--CAN THAT BE POSSIBLE IN THIS DAY AND AGE?!!! Actually I bought Jacinto a cheapy for our anniversary while in TN but when I got back to SC found that it would not work in this state. At least Walmart let me get my money back!

Chow for now.


At 9:52 PM, Blogger Dan Burrell said...

While you are trashing Verizon (I wholeheartedly agree, btw. I have a Verizon phone and service and the two places it absolutely, positively NEVER works is at HOME and at my OFFICE. Yeah, that's helpful.), I would add to the list of lousy cell phone companies, SPRINT. Sprint offered lousy service and then extended my contact without my permission. When I switched services, they tried to bill me $125 for breaking a contract that they admitted they have NO record of me extending (because I didn't). They promptly turned me over to a collection agency that is beyond rude. I've told them, at various decibles, that a certain, very well-known HOT place will have to freeze over before I'll give them a penny. Like you, when I tried to talk to Sprint "service" personnel, I was treated like dirt, place on hold for LONG periods of time and eventually hung up on. I lived for a long time without a cell phone and I'm getting pretty close to doing it again.

At 7:10 PM, Blogger Trevin Wax said...

Hi Bob,

We just signed up recently with Verizon and I was told specifically that incoming calls to my cellphone were free of charge - no matter what time of day. Well, our first bill comes out at $280... and why? It seems that incoming calls count against our minutes, and since we don't have a land-line phone, we wound up using all those minutes and more. So, I call and ask what IN-calls means on my contract. It seems that IN means "within the Verizon network" and not INcoming like any level-headed person would think. I felt it was deceptive marketing and told them that. They took off the charge, so I have to give them credit for that, but I'm still a little upset. And I too am bound by a contract.



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