Just Call 911

Following up on the immigration post the other day, I thought this story was fascinating. A group of illegals called 911 for help yesterday. Arizona has been in the grips of record heat. Tucson, where I live, has not seen a day under 100 degrees since June 13! Even by our standards, it's been ugly.

Apparently the smuggler--they call them coyotes--who was leading this group got tired/bored/mad or something and left them behind. One of the group found a cell phone in the bag the coyote left behind and used it to call for help. The Border Patrol showed up and took them into custody, and in a day or two I'm sure they'll be headed back to the staging area south of the border to prepare for their next trip north.

It's time to start effectively controlling our border. As we were reminded with the London bombing last week, the terrorists are still alive and well, seeking to render us not so alive and well. And there's a HUGE whole in our security when tens if not hundreds of thousands of illegals are waltzing in from Mexico.

From a political standpoint, there is an enormous opportunity to the politician and/or party who effectively takes on this issue. McCain? Hillary? There's an open door (to borrow a phrase from Emma Lazarus) that could easily lead to the White House in 2008.


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