In Case You've Forgotten

One of the negative characteristics of the American public is that we collectively tend to have very short memories. Today, once again, there is no doubt. We ARE at war. The only alternative we have is to fight and win. Yet even in that fighting, you see the difference between us and our enemies.

They intentionally and repeatedly target innocent civilians. They hide behind civilians, using hospitals and churches as shields. They attempt to increase civilian casualties, hoping to sway public opinion.

We don't do that. But as they have repeatedly made it clear that their intent is to make this a choice between us and them, I vote we get even more serious about making sure it's them. It's time for everyone to quit carping about who dropped the ball on 9/11, who told what to whom before we went to war in Iraq, whose fault it is that the building of a democratic government there where one has never been before is so difficult--and unite around this one idea...we MUST win this war. We did not choose it; many would rather not fight it. But we have no alternative to fighting and winning, unless you consider dying with your head in the sand to be a viable option. I say the ostrich makes a poor national symbol.


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