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I'm more than a little disgusted with the Supreme Court. Today they ruled on two Ten Commandments cases. In the Kentucky case, they ruled that an inside display of the Ten Commandments along with other documents was wrong. In the Texas case, they ruled that an outside display of the Ten Commandments along with other monuments was okay. This from people who meet in a building with the Ten Commandments carved on the walls.

I don't believe that the First Amendment requires the level of hostility toward religion that is currently accepted as normal. In fact, if you showed Washington or Adams or even Jefferson what is going on now, I think they'd be horrified with how their concept of the freedom of religion has been twisted. But even if you come down on the other side of the fence, I don't see how anybody can happy with today's rulings.

We don't have anything resembling the rule of law when every display has to be individually judged by nine people who give different answers based on something they can't seem to clearly define. It's judicial tyranny. And it should stop.


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