I HATE Airplanes

No, it's not the noise...or the crowded planes with their tiny seats...or the guy in front of you who slams his seat all the way back...or the wait at the airport...or the fudging the airlines do with their schedules so you can push back from the gate 14 minutes after the scheduled departure time and still land 5 minutes before the scheduled arrival time.

None of those are the basis of my complaint. Airplanes make it possible for your oldest child to go off to for a weeklong camp at the college she's about to attend in the fall. Given that she was born about six months ago, I'm not sure how we came to this point. Not sure how she became a young adult--poised, confident, gifted, and mature--overnight.And I'm not sure how we're supposed to live without her at home.

I REALLY hate airplanes...and time.


At 5:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate them too.
They take most belowed ones from you. Sometimes for long, sometimes for very long. Sometimes for ever.
To make things worse.
They take ME away. From my friends. From my little family. From belowed one. From country I came to love.
I am atheist, but, GOD BLESS Ireland. I hope i lived here enough to call myself lucky and will come back again one day.

At 5:56 AM, Blogger Amanda-Beth said...

Seriously man get use to it time flys she isn't a baby deal with it. I know its hard but this article has nothing to do with hating planes you are already missing your little 1 which is normal.


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