I hate vans too

So a week after the oldest one gets back from her week at music camp, the youngest one gets on a van AT 4:30 IN THE MORNING to go off to Civil Air Patrol encampment for 11 days. ARGH.
Dealing with your kids growing up is really tough. (Yeah, I know I'm hardly the first person to go through the process--but it's new to me!)

When my parents were out for the kids' graduation, I asked my dad, "Why is it that the happiest moments in a child's life are at the same time some of the saddest for parents?" He gave me the look--you know the one that says, "you just now figured that out?"--and a little sympathy. But there aren't very many good answers to this quandry. For years we've been getting closer to this moment. Knowing that it's coming is like being tied to the train tracks in one of those old movies...you can see it, but you can't do much about it.

They're great kids. They're just too old.

So let's add vans to airplanes on the list of things that I hate.


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