Playing by the Rules

There are now apparently nine states, Kansas being the most recent addition, where the children of illegal immigrants pay in-state tutition rates at state colleges and universities. It's hard to know whether to call this foolish, misguided, ill-conceived, or just suicidal. Following the trend to give driver's licenses to illegals as well, I think we've lost our collective minds.

I'm not against immigrants. Most of my ancestors made their way here from Ireland back in the 1800s. America has been greatly enriched by our history of accepting those who came here from around the world. But those who came here legally and worked to become Americans are far different from those who break the law for a few bucks. It's time to start enforcing the law, rather than giving perks to people who break it.

If for no other reason, the war on terror makes this a priority. Quit rewarding bad behavior, and you'll see a lot less of it. Keep on, and we'll have more.


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