We Will Bury Ourselves

Nikita Khrushchev once famously said of America, "We will bury you." The USSR is gone (though Putin is trying to bring it back) and they failed. But no nation lasts forever. And we're hard at work trying to dig graves. One is currently being prepared in New York City at the site of the 9/11 attacks. A Muslim front group is trying to build a mosque there, to promote "tolerance, understanding and dialogue" of course. Which sounds perfectly reasonable to the ignorers of history.

The site they want to use marked in red on this photo.

During the terrorist attack, the wheel assembly of one of the jets used to bring down the Twin Towers crashed through the roof of this building--it's that close. A mosque there would be an insult to the memory of the victims of the terror attack in any circumstances, but this is a special situation.

For centuries one of the hallmarks of Islam has been the building of mosques to commemorate their great victories. There is the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem on the site of the Jewish Temple, the Cordoba Mosque (for which this current project is named) in Spain which was once the Church of St. Vincent...the list goes on and on. And this mosque is no different. It is meant to mark the spot of a Muslim triumph over America...and to serve as a center that will train a new generation of radicals--homegrown radicals--to strike at America. This is not a question of religious freedom as the President tried to frame it the other night, it is a question of warfare by another means.

What is right is not always the same as what is legal. It should be legal for a mosque to be built there (it should be legal for churches to be built in Saudi Arabia too, but it isn't); but it shouldn't be done. And if it is to be done, we must recognize it for what it is...or worse will follow.


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