Commencement, the Sequel

It is our pleasure to announce that Rhonda Alyssa Byers has done it again. She's pictured above at her graduation from the University of Oklahoma with her Masters Degree in Human Relations.

It's been a diffcult journey for this precious young lady. Because we found out she had cancer just before her graduation from college and she could not be covered by our insurance unless she was a student, she had to begin her graduate degree while doing chemo. And she did...and got a 4.0 that first semester. Now she's completed the program, and will be taking more classes (what else?) to qualify for her license as a counselor.

God has some very special things in store for our little girl...and I can't wait to see what they are. Congratulations Bear.


At 4:32 PM, Anonymous Rebecca Aguilar said...

Way to go Rhonda! I have no doubts she will make a wonderful, compassionate counselor!


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