Your Tax Dollars at Work

In a sane world, this would be satire. But given our "leadership" in Washington these days, nothing seems capable of being over the top. (hat tip Powerline) And so, sadly, tomorrow the House Democratic leadership has scheduled a vote on the following:

H.R. 1018 is the "Restore Our American Mustangs Act." It can fairly be described as a welfare program for horses. Believe it or not--this isn't satire--here is what the bill will do:

The "Restore Our American Mustangs Act" ... would create a new $700 million welfare program for wild horses. The program:

* Conducts a horse census every two years

* Provides "enhanced contraception" and birth control for horses

* Establishes an additional 19 million acres of public and private land for wild horses

* Covers $5 million tab to repair horse damage to land

* Mandates that government bureaucrats perform home inspections before Americans can adopt horses

In an era of record smashing deficits, it's hard to imagine who seriously thinks that we have the money for this kind of nonsense. Ugh.


At 6:41 PM, Anonymous Rebecca Aguilar said...

Utterly ridiculous! Whenever great effort and expense is exerted to save a beached whale or some other animal I tend to think like Judas, "Couldn't this money have been used for the poor?" Does our country have no priorities whatsoever?

At 12:26 PM, Blogger KidsHorsinAround said...

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” Mahatma Gandhi.


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