I'd Like to Thank the Academy

Tonight the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is holding their annual awards show, better known as the Oscars. I would like to thank the members of the Academy for highlighting their most liberal, social activist, anti-religious, anti-family, pro-homosexual, anti-American work over the past year. The money (and the audience) goes to films that are very different from the normal award winners...but at least they have little gold (plated) statues to keep them warm. They can feel good about patting each other on the back, and the rest of us can keep right on ignoring their lousy propaganda...and their lousy "entertainment."


At 9:42 PM, Blogger Jeff said...

Yep, another chance for them to convince themselves how morally superior they are to all us rubes

At 12:08 AM, Blogger LomaAlta said...

If you want to see how bad it is stop by Michelle Malkin's and branch to some of the Diva Barbara's ignorant rantings. She can't even spell. We all make typos but these are not typos they are "red faced" mistakes in spelling. She is one of their best, just ask her.

At 5:17 AM, Blogger Malott said...

I remember back in the 60's when even I as a kid cared about the Oscars and had my favorites. How things have changed.

Great story on Couric...
You're bookmarked!

At 9:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The movie "Hoodwinked" should have won everything. It was the only movie all year that made any sense.

Nobody wants to see a gay cowboy, a racist crash, or a stupid gorilla falling off a big building.

I'd much rather see a long-horned goat singing songs on his front porch!


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