The Silly Party (Part 48,905)

Today Joe Biden said this to John Roberts: "Don't talk about the Constitution, tell me how you feel."

I know, I know. It was just an expression he was using to try to get Judge Roberts to open up. But still...what a revealing glance into the mindset of the modern Democratic Party. Forget the rule of law, forget the facts of the cases, tell me how you feel! And they want to courts to make laws on that basis as well. We see this in so many areas. In fact it's hard to find a single issue that the Democrats are committed to being serious about--except hating George W. Bush.

Harry Truman, Scoop Jackson, FDR, and John F Kennedy...serious guys who dealt with serious issues in a serious way. Not a one of them would have spared a second for Joe Biden and his "feeling" stuff. This world needs grownups. America needs serious guys right now. We're in a war (not that the silly party remembers that most days). We've just had one of the largest natural disasters in our history (used as an excuse by the silly party to slam the President for the failures of state and local officials from their side of the aisle.) This country needs two serious political parties...right now, we only have one.

(from Monty Python's Election Night Skit)
JOE: "Well, there's a big swing here to the silly party; but how big a swing I'm not going to tell you."
NORMAN: "I think I should point out that in this constituency since the last election a lot of very silly people have moved into a new housing estate with the result that many of the sensible voters have moved furthur down the road the other side of, number, uh, uh, twenty nine."

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