Bah Humbug!

I really do like Christmas. It's true that my favorite Christmas character is the Grinch (pre-reformation!), but still...it's a wonderful holiday. I enjoy celebrating it with our family. We have traditions that go back nearly twenty years now, and I look forward to them every year.

I do not look forward to walking into WalMart on the 10th of September and finding two full aisles of Christmas decorations! Could we please have fall first? And Halloween? And Thanksgiving? Looking at the calendar, it's still more than 100 days until Christmas. (And I refuse to start counting them yet!) This rush to get to the most profitable time of the year (with apologies to Johnny Mercer) is revolting.

The humorist Ogden Nash wrote:
Christmas was once the season of peace and goodwill
Now it's the holiday that there's so many shopping days until.

I think he was right.


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