A Little Focus Please!

Instead of whining about Michael Brown's resume and whether it was or wasn't padded, can someone please pay attention to things that really matter? The news media is showing pictures on every stinking broadcast of poor little Rover and Fluffy stranded by the flood. Why isn't somebody skipping the human interest stuff and heading for the human survival stuff?

Scribal Terror said
Spooky Stuff
From DefenseTech.org:
In and around the Big Easy are a number of Biosafety Level 3 (BSL-3) labs, meant to handle some of the nastier biological agents out there -- stuff like anthrax, plague, and genetically-engineering mousepox. Louisiana State University’s Medical School and the State of Louisiana both ran BSL-3s within the city. Tulane kept 5,000 monkeys for biodefense studies in its "National Primate Research Center," located in nearby Covington.
"What's happened to the infected animals? Are they free and roaming?" Russ [of Memory Hole] wants to know. "Are they dead, with their diseased bodies floating in the flood waters? And what about the cultures and vials of the diseases? Are they still secure? Are they being stolen? Were they washed away, now forming part of the toxic soup that coats the city?"


At 8:07 AM, Blogger Gail said...

Tulane president Scott Cowen is reporting that their primate center is OK. (That doesn't account for any other biohazards out there, but apparently the monkeys are all present and accounted for.)


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