PC Insanity

So today the NCAA issued a ruling that teams--they list 18 of them--with mascots deemed "insulting" and "offensive" (ie: Native American) nicknames and mascots will not be allowed to use their mascots during postseason tournaments. Political correctness IS going to wreck this country unless we find a way to stop it.

All you need to know about this policy is that it doesn't cover Notre Dame. It's OK to name your team the Fighting Irish, but Fighting Illini is off limits. This hyper-sensitivity to the feelings of a certain select victim groups is a bottomless pit. Where will it stop? The answer is that it won't. There is always someone else to be offended by something else. Even though Florida State University has an explicit agreement with the Seminole Indian tribe approving their usage of Chief Osceola, the NCAA still put them on the list. Yet the North Carolina Pembroke Braves can keep their name--because the school has a 20% Native American student body.

Those of us who follow college sports have long referred to the NCAA as standing for No Clue At All. Today they've confirmed it.


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