The Right to Privacy

Of course as anyone who pays the least bit of attention knows, President Bush nominated John Roberts to replace Sandra Day O'Connor on the Supreme Court not long ago. And of course, as it always seems to be, the single hottest hot button issue around is abortion, better known by its code name "the right to privacy." Roberts has not ruled on an abortion case in his two years on the Federal bench, so he has no track record (although his wife's position as VP of Feminists for Life, their two adopted children, and his membership in a conservative Catholic church might perhaps be taken as indicators) in writing on the issue. But his nomination is being challenged anyway by all the usual suspects in the pro-abortion crowd.

Today Matt Drudge broke the story that the New York Times is investigating, trying to find ways to open the sealed adoption records on the Roberts children! When it comes to Republican nominees, literally nothing is sacred or off-limits. As James Taranto of the WSJ's Best of the Web noted today, anything about Roberts' personal life is fair game, "after all, he may threaten the right of privacy!"

The utter hypocrisy of the liberal media would be breathtaking if it weren't so completely predictable.


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