Are You Ready for Some Baseball?

Football is better, but this will help pass the 153 days until Bama kicks off the new season with the ritual sacrficial lamb otherwise known as Western Carolina. I can't wait!

In the meantime, baseball continues to limp along. If you want two quick snapshots as to why baseball is run by the gang who can't shoot straight, here you go. First, the opening game tomorrow night does night feature the Cincinnati Reds. For decades the Reds appeared in the first game every year as a tribute to their status as the first full-time professional baseball team. That tradition was junked a few years ago when ESPN started picking who played first. One of the biggest things baseball has going for it is the rich history they enjoy...and they continue to treat it like so much garbage.

Second, despite his complete disregard for both the law and the rules of the game, Barry Bonds is apparently going to be allowed to continue playing so that he can "break" Hank Aaron's home run record. This is an utter joke. The chemically-enhanced, tax and spouse cheating jerk may hit more balls over the fence than Aaron did, but he will never break the record. If the lords of baseball had the guts to do what was right, Bonds would get the Shoeless Joe treatment and be banned for life.

Anyhow, the Braves kick off on Monday with the Philadelphia Filthies, and I am hoping for a return to form after last year's collapse. Almost nobody is giving the Braves much of a chance...and maybe this year we'll sneak up on some people and return to our rightful position in first place.



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