Further Thoughts on Illegal Immigration

Immediately below this post is a report from the massive rally in support of "rights" for illegal immigrants held in Chicago last week from a blogger who attended the event. Here's my take.

1) I am not opposed to legal immigration. It's a very good thing. We should increase the number of people, especially from Mexico and other Latin American countries, who are allowed to enter the country legally each year. It is a straw man to say that those of us who are concerned about illegal immigration are somehow nativist or racist or anti-immigration. Nope. That's simply a tool to try to discredit those of us who are standing in the street screaming "Fire" as the smoke and flames billow unchecked into the night sky.

2) Our government--both political parties--is the chief enabler of this illegal immigration. The Democrats love it because they are getting a whole new group of voters (voters who may not be legal to vote, but hey, as long as it counts!) and the Republicans love it because their small business base is getting cheap labor. Both sides are committed to looking the other way while hundreds of thousands illegally pour over the border. The latest estimates I've seen are that some 12 million people are here illegally! That simply could not happen without the full cooperation of the government.

3) If the government cared at all about the issue, there would have been thousands of National Guard troops standing by in Chicago to round up everyone at this event, check their identification, and IMMEDIATELY deport every single person--man, woman and child--who was not a citizen or legal immigrant. Although most of our citizens (and apparently most of our politicians) have forgotten it, we are at war. And the simplest and easiest way for our enemies to strike at us is not through gaining ownership of operations at a few ports...it's simply walking across an undefended border.

4) The problem of illegal immigration would be 99% solved over night if the government would simply issue secure Social Security cards, using the same anti-counterfeiting technology we use for money...and then enforcing the penalties against businesses who hire illegal immigrants. If the job supply dried up, so would the flood. Of course this will not happen.

The problem I see is not primarily that a large group of immigrants for the first time is refusing to assimilate into our culture--although that is a problem. The problem is not that a group of people with a different skin color is rapidly growing--that is not a problem at all. The problem is that EVERY time we refuse to enforce our laws, we take another step down the road toward becoming a lawless society, and every time we fail to take defending our national security seriously, we take another step toward the next 9/11.


At 1:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, I don't agree with all your thoughts. Here are a few of mine.Why are so many illegal aliens who broke our laws to get here and who continue to break our laws to stay here, demanding that the US not only allow them to remain, but support them with the taxes of law-abiding citizens? Has the President gone mad??
If the Mexican immigrants are here illegally, they have the right to leave. They really do not have rights under our Constitution, anymore than I might expect the rights of a Mexican citizen should I choose to live illegally in Mexico.Many Americans believe we are losing our unique national identity. Census Bureau figures indicate the Washington, D.C. regional population will become majority minority in less than a decade. The biggest influx between 2000 and 2004 was among Hispanics, a considerable number believed to be here illegally. It isn't race or ethnicity that bothers most legal residents of this country. It is our failure to make non-hyphenated Americans our of them. Instead of becoming English-speaking Americans, too many are retaining the language, customs, culture and political agendas of their native lands. No nation can long survive such an invasion without assimilation. A "guest worker" provision for those aleady here might work, but there should be restrictions on how long they can stay and a requirement that they return home before applying for legal admittance. Accompanied by much tighter control of our borders, such an aproach would be in America's best interests. And could we please put this country's best interests first for a change? Under no circumstance should there be amnesty for illegals, by whatever name politicians wish to call it. New illegal immigrants should not be allowed in until those already here are either fully and legally assimilated, or sent home when their work permits expire.

Too many politicians appear ready to sell the security of their country for the VOTES OF ILLEGALS AND THEIR SUPPORTERS.

Illegal immigration, along with national security, which are related, should be the top issues in the 2006 and especially 2008 elections.

We all know what the problem is in the Mexican government. CORRUPTION The higher ups that are running the country keep all the money for themselves and that is why there are so many poor people. They need new government that is honest with their people and help them not have to come to the United States for work. They are just sitting back and laughing at our President and politicians.

We need to start putting more money in our country and not helping out so many other countries or pretty soon we will be the minority and they will overrun our country. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN??

We have been at war now for a long time and the money it is costing us to fight that war is astounding not to mention the loss of so many young soldiers. We will never win that war because there are so many radical religious groups, not to mention the terriorists. We opened a can of worms. I think we should defend our country, but I'm not too sure we should have been over there to begin with.

At 2:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

First, as an always has been an American citizen, let me say that I do not support illegal immigration, but as a citizen married to a foreign wife, who is trying to become a legal citizen, legally, I understand it.
The processing to coming here legally is impossible, even after paying any fines or whatever "They" impose, and all the fees. You must also pay a high-priced lawyer to tell you that they messed up, (been there, done that), and pay some more for him to "straighten "Them" out", and wait for "Them" to figure out what "They" did wrong, and file the new documents, and pay the new fees, to get more time for "Them" to get things right.
My first experience in this whole, continuing, thing was one letter, (mistyped by them), in my address, that took two months, and 3 phone calls to "customer service?????" for "Them" to get right.
To sum it up, why would anyone try to do legally, (climbing Mount Everest), overloaded with cash in pocket, what they can do illegaly by swimming or walking across an unseen border, (in most cases), with only the clothes on their back, and a dream in their hearts, some, some to rob and kill, or join a famous gang.
I haven't checked the stats, if they are available, but I would wager that the border patrol is the smallest "police force" in the country, trying to control the largest group in the country's history, with the least - let's give them all AK47s, tanks, machine guns, and, above all, authority to use them, so we can turn our attention back to the people who want to be part of this great country, not part of it's problems.


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