Down in Flames

The opposition by left-wing Democrats (but I repeat myself) to Judge Alito's confirmation to the Supreme Court has completely failed. Even the last ditch attempt by Ted Kennedy...pun fully intended...and John Kerry to mount what Michelle Malkin called a filibluster has collapsed under its own weight. They're in the minority and the votes just aren't there. Confounding the predictions of many that a known conservative with a track record could not be confirmed, the President has picked an outstanding candidate. All of the distortions and smears brought against him have failed, and Alito will be joining the court long about next Tuesday.

With three years remaining in office, it is by no means a stretch to hope that Mr. Bush will get at least one more pick--and hopefully the next one will be one of the court's liberal members so that a balance of sanity can be restored to the Supremes.


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