Oh That Lying Media

Remember the emotional breakdown of Aaron Broussard on Meet the Press with Tim Russert? In angry tears he recounted the death of the mother of a colleague in a nursing home because "the cavalry didn't come." Only one problem...IT WASN'T TRUE. Not just a little bit false either, but false in practically every detail.

The man's mother did die along with more than 30 others in the infamous St. Rita's Nursing Home. But that was on Monday when the hurricane hit, not on Friday because of a slow federal response.

Wuzzadem has the whole story (via Instapundit). You need to read it all to understand the depths of deception that led people to blame Bush and the feds for the failures of state and local officials. We have reached the point where you simply cannot believe anything you see, hear or read from a mainstream media source without independent confirmation. By the way, while NBC has issued a "clarification" of the story on the web, there was no mention of this or retraction from Tim Russert yesterday.


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